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We're a family owned company with a long history of integrity in Salisbury. Over the last thirty five years we've installed windows and sunrooms for thousands of our neighbors around Salisbury and the Piedmont — and we've been at the same number for three and a half decades. We do things a little differently than all the other contractors that come and go. Unfortunately most window replacement "professionals" do three things that turn what should be a great money-saving investment into a complete waste of money.

For example, they'll rip out the old glass and stick the new glass in the old, drafty frame. Or, they'll cover up rotting wood in or around the frame, which means that mold can grow, and the rotting wood will weaken the walls. After that, they'll tap little screws that are barely thicker than a pin to hold your windows in place, add some cheap caulk, close up the hole, and call it "professionally installed."

The installed windows might look good at first, but they're drafty, and completely waste your money.

We remove rotting wood and ensure the integrity of the frame. We use specially manufactured insulating sealant to make the window frame airtight, and we secure each window in with the right number of full length stainless steel screws.

This Doesn't Just Go For Windows And Sunrooms: We Require That Same Level of Integrity For All Of Our Home Improvement Projects

It's true, the materials we use do cost a little more, but we special order in bulk just to keep our prices competitive. That's why our warranty stays with the product as long as the original purchaser stays with the house. All you have to do is call us, and then we show up and get materials fixed. Period.

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