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Q: Why do you talk so much about installations?

A: Windows usually come in good, better, and best — and have a price tag to match. The window manufacturers do a pretty good job of keeping tabs on each other so that nobody really has a major advantage over the other. You can buy a pretty good window from a lot of places. However, the window installation is the most ignored, skipped-over, taken for granted part of the whole replacement window process. If a window is not installed properly, it will not work properly. Installations are critical to ensuring your satisfaction and savings. We put in more time, money, training, and effort to make sure that each window is installed the right way. Frankly, we're the only ones we know of that do it the way we do, and that's why we think it's so important to get the word out.

Q: What proof do you have that you're the best window installation company in the Salisbury area?

A: We get rave reviews from customers, but that's not all. Our superiority isn't just based on opinion, but it's firmly grounded on facts: we fully seal and insulate our replacement windows during installation and check for and repair water damage around the window frames (not just cheap "rip and stick" shortcuts). That is a HUGE difference maker. It impacts the end result of the job, including:

  • your energy savings
  • how long your windows will last
  • the health and integrity of your interior walls

Q: What's wrong with "Rip and Stick" installations that the other professional window replacement guys do?

A: We have to be careful about the use of the word "professional" when speaking about window replacement, sunrooms, or any kind of installation for that matter. I've seen windows installed by professionals that fall out just because one of the family's children leaned on the window. Think of it: a new, professionally installed window falling out when your son or daughter leans on it. Surely you expect better! Few people realize that by short cutting the installation, they're throwing away not only their investment dollars, but thousands and thousands of future dollars due to lost efficiency. You would often be better off NOT installing new windows than to allow some ‘professional' to rip out the old window and stick in a new one, add a few screws and caulk, and call it done. You won't realize the energy savings or the safety benefits, and you won't have the protection from the elements that you need.

Q: What are some of the most common pricing games that typical window places want to play?

A: Some service contractors are afraid that you will turn them down, and so they give you a bottom of the barrel quote just to try and get you to say, "Yes, I'll take it." They assume you can't afford what you really want (which is usually not true) and that you want to settle for cheap windows and less features for a lower price. Always make sure you make a home improvement decision based on what's included rather than just a price.

Q: Why is insulation around the window so important?

A: If you have the best window in the world and don't properly insulate around it, you kind of defeat the purpose of the window. Many people choose an energy efficient window without giving much thought to the area all around that window. It makes no sense to invest in a great window, then ignore the fact that you've got nearly open air flow all around the hole. To ensure the best results, you need to insulate around the window.

By the way, another major energy drain that many people neglect when replacing windows is their entry doors. Oftentimes as much energy is lost through poorly insulated doors as is lost to inefficient windows.

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