Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms

35 Years and 7,500 Jobs!

 We Don’t Cut Corners.

We Have A Firm, No-Pressure
Sales Policy—In Writing.

We Charge Fair, Honest Prices
& Not A Penny More.

We Don’t Sell & Run. We Provide Service… Even 35 Years Later.

Let’s face it, it’s tough to find an honest, reliable, trustworthy company to do a remodeling project. We’ve all heard stories about projects that take forever to finish, surprise bills that are more than the agreed-on quote, and quality that is (far) less than acceptable. Then consider that many companies put you through a torture chamber just to get a quote—the entire process can ruin the excitement of improving your home.

Say hello to “The White Hat Guys” – Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms! We founded this business on the principle of treating customers with respect. Yes, we’re in business to make a profit—but we measure our success in happy customers. We’ve never had a customer complain that their arm was twisted during the sales process. We’ve never had the BBB tell us we had to make something right for a customer—we make things right as a matter of honor. We’ve got the best warranties in the business, the most reasonable prices for excellent work, and a promise to treat you right from the minute we set foot in your house until… FOREVER. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, give us a call. We’d be honored to have an opportunity to give you a bid.


It’s true—in our 35-year history, we HAVE actually had 3 complaints to the Better Business Bureau… but ALL of them were actually mistakes! The last one was 15 years ago and involved a customer who had a loose lock on a window we installed, but had misplaced our invoice and couldn’t find our phone number. She called the BBB and reported the problem because she didn’t know how else to get in touch with us (pre-internet!). When we arrived to repair the lock (it took all of 30 seconds!), she was embarrassed when she realized the BBB was for actual complaints, not for warranty requests! We all had a good laugh and parted—as usual—as friends.

We’re proud of our A+ rating with the BBB—it shows that we are serious about doing the right thing the first time. Give us a call and let us help you solve your home improvement needs, stress-free!

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