Four Reasons You Need a Screen Enclosure

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Are you on the fence about whether you need a screen enclosure? Some think that they are not aesthetically pleasing. We know that, when installed correctly, screen enclosures will add value to your home and your lifestyle. Here at Specks Custom Window & Sunrooms, we know how to design a screen enclosure that you will love and look forward to using every day. Below are four benefits of screen enclosures

screen enclosures will add value to your home and your lifestyle

1.    Bugs – There is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy the outdoors and not be able to because of annoying bugs. Bugs can ruin your desire to be in your own yard. A screen enclosure can eliminate this problem. With the right screen enclosure, we will have you outside and enjoying the great outdoors.

2.    Transition space – A screen enclosure can be a transition space between your home and the outdoors. It is a great way to feel safe and secure in your own yard.

3.    Relaxation zone – A screen enclosure is a wonderful space for relaxing. With the added benefit of no bugs and knowing that you are in a safe place, you can kick back and enjoy.

4.    Pool area – A great way to keep your pool free from leaves, sticks and bugs is to install a screen enclosure. Many pool owners love having a screen enclosure around their pool because it makes maintaining their pool so much easier.  It will also give you some privacy while you are using your pool.

It is sometimes difficult to envision your home with a screen enclosure. We would love to show you what your home could look like with a beautifully constructed screen enclosure. Contact us today to find out more!

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