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The front door is the first impression everyone will have of your home. If you don’t want it to be forgettable, you’ll want to think carefully about its design. What would you like your front door to say about you? The latest entry doors in the market follow trends that are popular for 2019. Read through these ideas and see which one sticks out to you as something you might want for your own home.

The latest entry doors in the market follow trends that are popular for 2019

  • Entry doors are becoming larger than they have ever been! Today, the typical 6-8 foot entry door has been replaced with a “new normal” of 10-foot doors. Now, 10-foot doors are not big enough for homeowners! Many are ordering 12-foot doors or massive 10x6ft doors.
  • The addition of glass panels in entry doors is growing in popularity. Many homeowners want to increase their natural light in the entry way or open up the view from their front door.
  • Consider adding a pop of color to your home by painting your front door a bold color. Benjamin Moore has some great ideas for painting entry doors, including using contrasting colors to lift your curb appeal and the different feelings that you will get by using warm vs. cool colors. Darker blues and classic reds are some trending colors for entry doors that we love.
  • Pivot doors are somewhat new and can give a unique feel to your entry door. Pivot doors work by pivoting on an axis instead of relying on hinges mounted in your wall. Pivot doors are especially nice touch in modern home designs.
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