Sliding Patio Doors are Trending . . . Find Out Why!

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Sliding doors first became big in the U.S. after the end of World War II, when ranch-style homes and mid-century modern architecture became popular. But when you picture sliding doors, don’t limit yourself to the image of the original style. Technology has advanced and sliding doors have evolved into beautiful pieces that add a sophisticated touch to the modern home.

sliding doors have evolved into beautiful pieces

With outdoor living becoming more popular, many homeowners now want a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior of the home. Sliding glass doors create an illusion that everything is one continuous space—they allow for an easy flow to your patio and backyard.

Sliding patio doors are growing in popularity and increasing in size. In fact, Builder magazine says, “When it comes to patio doors, sliders are growing to enormous proportions, thanks to homeowners’ intensifying desire for a connection to the outdoors. The extreme popularity of this trend is such that even production builders are adding multi-panel sliders a total of 8 to 10 feet wide.”  One architect mentioned that he hasn’t had a customer interested in 6- or 8-foot sliding doors in a long time. Some customers want patio doors as large as 12 or 16 feet!

So, if you have been thinking that sliding doors are outdated, think again. Sliding doors are still very much a part of residential architecture, and for good reason. Their functionality and appearance provide you with the opportunity to make nature a part of your everyday living.

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