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When you hear “patio covers,” your first thought is probably a product that keeps the sun and perhaps a light rain from ruining your time spent on your patio. However, there are a number of other ways in which patio covers can be utilized that might surprise you. Here are a few unique uses that could make a huge difference at your home or business.

Unique Uses for Patio Covers

  • Vehicle Protection – Patio covers make an excellent carport environment to protect the vehicle you drive daily, the classic car you are working on restoring, or your other toys, such as ATVs, boats, and motorcycles. Protecting them from the sun and weather is important for enjoying them for as long as possible.
  • Walkways – If you have a walk from your vehicle to your home or a pathway at your commercial property, patio covers are the perfect solution for making that trek without getting covered with snow or rain in the process. They are also great for those situations that happen less often, such as the bad timing of a bird flying over and ruining your best jacket.
  • Picnic Shelters – It is always nice to have an area of your property designated for picnics. Patio covers are great for making this area usable all year long. After all, there is no bad time for a picnic! Patio covers are also great over a spa or outdoor kitchen area.
  • Gardening – If you have a green thumb and want to try your hand at flowers and other plants that thrive in shade instead of direct sunlight, patio covers can help. In addition, you’ll enjoy gardening when you don’t have the sun beating down on you.

These are just a few of the ways you can put patio covers to work for you. The important thing is to have one designed and built that can handle the weather so that your home or business in Salisbury, North Carolina enjoys this covering for many years of trouble-free service. You can expect only the best when you call us at Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms. Whether you want to enjoy your patio throughout the year or take advantage of the unique things that patio covers can offer, trust our nearly 40 years of service to give you the results you desire. Contact us today to learn about all our home improvement services.

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