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New siding can transform your home’s appearance – and more!

Siding Replacement in Salisbury, North CarolinaThere are many reasons to consider siding replacement. You may hate the look of your current siding or have grown tired of the constant maintenance it requires. You might also be looking to boost the value of your home by making it more energy efficient. Here at Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms, we offer siding replacement services using quality vinyl siding and meticulous installation, so you can enjoy all the benefits possible from your new siding.

We have proudly served the Salisbury, North Carolina community for going on 40 years, providing top-quality products and workmanship. We don’t cut corners like we know other companies do. We are upfront about what to expect and how much it will cost for your siding replacement, and we charge fair, honest prices and not a penny more.

Siding replacement is an excellent way to improve your home, and with options that also insulate, you can enjoy a warmer, more comfortable home while saving on utility costs. This option is also an ideal way to combat living on a noisy highway or other sound annoyances that may be present in your neighborhood. Our insulated siding also provides additional strength, rigidity, and protection against hail and other impacts.

When you call us about siding replacement, we can also inspect your doors and windows to let you know if you could enjoy energy savings and reduced maintenance benefits there, as well. Don’t worry that you’ll feel any pressure, as we have a no-pressure sales policy — in writing! Our goal is to help you — not strong arm you into spending more than you had planned. Call us today, and we’ll be happy to schedule a time to come out and discuss the improvements you want for your home.

At Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms, we offer siding replacement services in Salisbury, Concord, Kannapolis, Charlotte, Lexington, Mocksville, and Mooresville, North Carolina.

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