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We offer a range of high-quality vinyl windows to complete your home.

Our team at Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms has extensive experience in the window business, and we want to help you choose the ideal windows for your home. When selecting windows, it’s important to consider the materials they are made of—in the vast majority of cases, the panes will be glass, but the frame material can differ. Our team offers a wide range of window options, including many models with vinyl frames. If you are interested in vinyl windows, we encourage you to reach out to us or stop by our location to view our range of options.

Vinyl Windows in Salisbury, North Carolina

As the name suggests, vinyl windows have frames made of vinyl rather than wood or metal. The vinyl frames closely resemble traditional wooden ones, but they lack wood’s vulnerabilities to water and insect damage, which makes them a more durable choice. If you’re looking for durable windows that require less maintenance, we encourage you to consider vinyl windows. Our experienced staff members will be happy to offer suggestions to help you find the best option for your home, and we can also take care of the installation process for your new windows. We charge fair prices for our services—not one penny more—and our team will never try to pressure you into a sale. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our results.

We are proud to serve the community here in Salisbury, North Carolina, and we want to help you get the best windows for your home. If you are interested in our vinyl windows, simply give us a call to learn more.

At Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms, we install vinyl windows in Salisbury, Concord, Kannapolis, Charlotte, Lexington, Mocksville, and Mooresville, North Carolina.

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