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Building a deck allows you to add a customizable and comfortable space to your home where you can work, exercise, or unwind. If you’re interested in kicking off a deck construction project, below are a few things you’ll want to know.

Deck Construction 101

  • Building codes: You’ll want to ensure your deck is made in a way that adheres to your local building codes, as this can help guarantee that it’s safe and sturdy.
  • Design: When thinking about the shape, size, and overall design of your potential deck, it’s important to plan it in a way that complements your home and fits your lifestyle needs. At Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms, we make sure to begin the deck construction process by discussing these goals with our clients to ultimately create a result that you will love.
  • Materials: Decks are most commonly made out of wood or a composite deck material. Many types of traditional wood decks are less expensive than those that are made out of composite, and this material is less likely to overheat on sunny days. Composite decks tend to last longer and require less maintenance than wood decks.
  • Budget: An important step of the deck construction process is determining how much you are willing to spend on the project. Our team at Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms prides itself on charging honest, fair prices while upholding a commitment to top-notch craftsmanship.

If you’re located in the Salisbury, North Carolina area and are interested in having a deck constructed, give our team of experts a call at Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms!

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