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Window replacement is one of our areas of expertise, and we take pride in offering excellent service.

The windows in your home aren’t designed to last forever. Most windows can last for about 30 years, although high-quality windows may last a few extra years. When your windows start to wear out, you may notice a few warning signs. These can include drafts coming through, cracks in the glass, condensation forming on the pane, or hearing a lot of noise when they’re closed. You may also find that your windows become increasingly difficult to open, close, or lock. If you spot these signs at your Mocksville, North Carolina home, contact our team at Speaks Custom Windows & Sunrooms to learn more about our window replacement services.

Window Replacement in Mocksville, North Carolina

Window replacement is an essential task for just about every homeowner at some point. If your home is newer, your windows might last for another few decades. In an older home, you’ll likely need to replace your windows sooner to maintain energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Window replacement is one of our areas of expertise, and we take pride in offering excellent service. Before installing a new window, our technicians will inspect the frames and sills surrounding the window openings. If there are any signs of wood rot or moisture damage, we can replace these before installing the new windows, helping to prevent further damage.

We have access to some of the best windows in the industry, and we always charge fair, reasonable prices for our products and window replacement services. Our technicians will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the process and help determine whether it’s time to replace the windows at your house.

At Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms, we offer window replacement services in Salisbury, Concord, Kannapolis, Charlotte, Lexington, Mocksville, and Mooresville, North Carolina.

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