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When it comes to home updates, siding might be the last thing on your mind. However, depending on the condition of your siding, you’re likely better off getting siding replacement done sooner rather than later. Here are the top signs you need siding replacement.

Top Signs You Need a Siding Replacement

  • Damaged or Loose Siding – If your siding is significantly damaged with holes, broken siding, or loose siding, you likely need a siding replacement. It’s important to be proactive on you siding damages so your home isn’t exposed to moisture.
  • Warped or Dry Rot – Rotting can cause your siding to warp over time. When inspecting your siding, if your siding seems rippled, soft, or spongy, it’s time for new siding. This is an indicator that the layer beneath your siding has begun to rot.
  • Mold – It’s not unusual to see mold and fungus grow on the outside of your home. However, if the mold or fungus is growing within the seams of your exterior, that is an indication that there is moisture underneath your siding, which calls for repair.
  • Faded – Faded siding is common, especially if you live in a hot climate. All siding fades eventually, and this is mainly a cosmetic reason for a siding replacement. However, if your siding is faded significantly, it’s likely time for a replacement anyway.

We hope these signs will help you determine if you’re in need of siding replacement. If you have any questions regarding siding, and the services we provide, please contact us at Speaks Custom Window & Sunrooms today!

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